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About Us

Trusted custom stamp makers for 70+ years.

Our name, Simply Stamps, reflects our core belief that even the simplest tools can make a profound impact. We're committed to delivering exceptional, high-quality rubber stamps that leave a lasting impression and elevate everyday interactions within the community.

The Foundation of Simply Stamps

Handmade History
Before instant messages and social media, rubber stamps were the tools we relied on to spread information and streamline tasks. In Jacksonville, Florida, entrepreneur Owen Holmes saw beyond the practical. He envisioned a way to elevate everyday interactions within his beloved community. Motivated by a desire to make ordinary moments special, Mr. Holmes launched Holmes Stamps right out of his garage in 1954. The small business strived to make a meaningful impression with every stamp, marking the beginning of a lasting legacy.

Brand Innovation
After a lifetime dedicated to crafting meaningful connections through stamps, Mr. Holmes retired in 1998 and handed the reigns over to Bob Croft, a long-time delivery driver. Bob had a deep understanding of the products and the pulse of our community. He introduced a wider variety of customizable goods that empowered people to express themselves in unique ways. But Bob never lost sight of the company's roots. To ensure stamps remained the heart and soul of the business, Holmes Stamps was proudly transformed into Simply Stamps in 2002.

Digital Evolution
Following in his father's footsteps, Bryan Croft joined the Simply Stamps family in 1998 as a screen printer. Inspired by the joy that Mr. Holmes and Bob brought with each stamp they created, Bryan was driven to expand the business even further. As the internet gained prominence, Bryan saw a chance to introduce stamps to a much broader audience. This vision led to the launch of Simply Stamps' online platform in 2009, allowing us to reach the digital community and continue celebrating life’s special moments with the world.

image from 1950s of Ownen Holmes, founder of Holmes Stamps

Partnerships and Brands We Trust

In partnership with leading manufacturers such as Trodat, Shiny, and Colop, we offer unparalleled quality and innovation in every stamp we create. Discover the ideal stamp for your home, business, or creative projects. Choose from our unique address stamp designs, enhance your branding with custom logo stamps, streamline your work with signature stamps, or our wide assortment of business stamps. Design your own custom stamp today!

Simply Stamps Core Values


Grow with contagious energy!


Embrace a winning attitude.
Be proud to deliver excellence every day!


Be opportunistic
and look at our business differently.


Think BIG and make
thoughtful decisions as a team.


Plan it and own it.


Roll up your sleeves
and get your hands inky.


Give our customers
1% more every day.