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An Interview with a Long-Time Employee: Insights and Experiences

An Interview with a Long-Time Employee: Insights and Experiences
By Ashley Withers May 16, 2024

At Simply Stamps, our team members are the heart of our success. Today, we sit down with one of our long-standing employees to share their unique journey with the company.

How long have you been at Simply Stamps and what is your role here?

That’s a funny answer, but technically, I started in January 2010. I left two years later to work at a restaurant for about a year before they called me back.

Have you worked in any other departments or areas?

Yes, my first role was in polymer stamp assembly. We used ideal 1200’s and poured polymer into a negative mold before we had lasers. Over time, I learned to operate laser engravers as we started getting more jobs for laser-engraved products.

Can you tell us about your background?

I was born and raised on the south side of Jacksonville, FL, and have never lived outside of Florida. However, in October 2022, the president of the company asked me to move to Pennsylvania to manage a new facility there through the holiday season. I had already been a production supervisor, so I packed up my car and drove up there to start the following Monday.

What was it like to transition to managing a facility in Pennsylvania?

It was a significant change, but I embraced the opportunity. The Pennsylvania facility was brand new with all new equipment. Since then, I've continued to manage the small facility and have been involved in various roles and responsibilities across the company.

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone considering working here?

I always tell people to think about it like this: nothing we do here is difficult. It’s just a matter of how many you can do. Assembling a stamp is easy. The question is, how many can you do in one day without sacrificing quality?

What do you like most about working here?

For me, it's the constant opportunity to learn and grow. I’ve worked in many different departments, assisted with acquisitions, and now manage a facility. The chance to acquire new skills and take on new challenges is what I value most.

How have things changed here over the years?

One of the best changes I’ve seen is our push towards a multi-site model. At one point, we had four facilities in the US. It’s amazing to see people born and raised in Pennsylvania working for our Florida-based company. Before we expanded, I never imagined we would get to this point.

We saw photos of you sitting on a stamp assembly table as a child. Can you tell us more about that photo?

Both of my parents worked here at one point. My dad worked here for about 20 years, reporting to Bryan Croft's dad and working side by side with him. I went to school near our old Jacksonville building in San Marco and used to walk to Simply Stamps after school. I was a little kid who would mess with things I shouldn’t and hung around Bryan Croft a lot.

What is it like working here and growing with the company, and now running the Pennsylvania facility?

It's pretty cool, but to me, it's more about how to keep things going and make them better. I always see this company growing, and since I started, we've wanted to grow. So, I aim to grow this place further.

What do you like to do outside of work? Any hobbies?

My number one hobby is playing pool. I used to be on pool leagues and played four or five nights a week. If I have the time, I always choose to play pool.

Which of our core values do you relate to the most and why? (passion, winning, curiosity, collaboration, accountability, grit)

Grit. Always grit. Grit is what has gotten me here. It's about going out and getting it done.

What are you most proud of professionally?

I'm most proud of the continual evolution of my career. I’ve taken on many roles here and am always willing to give new things a shot. I'm always ready for whatever comes next.

Do you use any Simply Stamps products? If so, what do you use and what do you like about it?

I don't currently use them myself, but I’ve given many stamps as gifts to friends and family over the years. Any chance I get, I buy someone a stamp. Last year, my aunt, a teacher, received a bunch of teacher stamps from me.

Do you have any advice for someone buying a stamp?

Choose wisely. We have so many options and stamps that can serve any need you have. You just have to find the right one.

Final Thoughts

Our conversation highlights the dedication, adaptability, and grit that define our team members at Simply Stamps. From starting in polymer stamp assembly to managing a facility, this journey exemplifies the opportunities available and the growth possible within our company. We are proud of our employees and their contributions to our success.