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Stamps for Catalogs

Make sure all of your professional catalogs are sent out with your branded business impression. Our catalog stamps use specialty ink that leaves a crisp imprint of your business on the slick catalog paper. Choose from a variety of styles that showcase information like your logo, phone number, and address.

Custom Company Catalog Stampers

Do you sell Avon or distribute catalogs for a specific brand or department store? Make sure customers know how to reach you by stamping each one with a catalog stamp. We have several designs available that have space available for your name, phone number, website URL, Facebook URL, address and more. These catalog stamps have super marking ink that is perfect for leaving a lasting impression on glossy surfaces. Be ready to customize catalogs and brochures in a hurry with a custom catalog stamp from Simply Stamps. Mark your catalogs with professionally made rubber stamps that you design. Make sure your customers can quickly identify your logo with custom messages or sale info by designing a unique stamp.