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Custom Signature Stamps

Custom Signature Stamps

If you find yourself wasting too much time signing important paperwork, then our custom signature stamps are perfect for you. Instead of spending hours going through files and handwriting your name, our stamps will display your signature in seconds! All you have to do is upload an image of your signature and we’ll create a stamp that you can use for years to come.

Shop Our Most Popular Signature Stamp Categories

Easily fill out important documents at your place of business with custom signature stamps. Take less time signing each individual document by simply stamping your unique signature on the dotted line. Whether you need a stamp that includes initials, date, or a logo, we have the signature stamps perfect for executing your daily tasks.

Signature or Initial Stamps

Our signature and initial stamps are a great solution for checks or other places where your space is limited. Signature stamps can serve as a legal form of signing documents and can allow you to assign an authorized representative.

Signature with Date Stamps

Our signature with date stamps are ideal for use in financial institutions, accounting departments, and much more.

Signature Stamps with Printed Name

For easy readability, we offer signature stamps with an additional printed version of your name. This option is also ideal for business documents that require a signature and a printed name.

Signature with Logo Stamps

Use our signature logo stamps to showcase your brand in an easy and professional manner. Your clients will never have to look twice at your signature with it being stamped and your logo being present.

How to Turn Your Signature Into a Stamp

To turn your signature into a stamp, first sign your name on a piece of white paper using a black pen for high contrast. Then, scan or take a high-resolution photo of your signature and upload it as a cdr, jpg, png, jpeg, or pdf file.

Signature Stamp FAQs & Resources

Check out some of our signature stamp resources to learn more:

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Is Your Signature Stamp Legal?

Find out when and where it is appropriate to use your custom signature stamp as a legal form of authorization. Plus, read over common protocols, rules and legal regulations that involve stamping your signature.

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All About Custom Name Stamps

Learn everything you need to know about custom name stamps! This all-in-one guide includes details on the different types of name stamps, as well as common and creative ways to put your signature stamp to use.

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How To Turn Your Signature Into A Stamp

Read our step-by-step guide on how to turn your signature into a custom stamp. Easily create your own signature stamp by following these simple steps, or watch and follow along with a guided instructional video!