Wood Handle Stamps Logo

Wood Handle Logo Stamps

There are several advantages to ordering a traditional wood handle logo stamp. These stamps are easy to use and you can change ink colors any time you need to. Get creative with your wood handle stamper by stamping your logo on all types of marketing and business materials. From cups to bags and paperwork, you can brand your business in a professional and cohesive way with the help of a traditional rubber stamp. Our self-inking and pre-inked stamps are very popular with our customers, but some customers like the versatility that a wood handle stamper provides. We offer several colors of ink pads to accompany your stamp, along with several sizes and designs. From round to square and rectangle, our wood handle logo stamps are available in an array of options. Easily upload our logo or art to the size and shape of stamp you want! We will make your stamp in-house and ship it the next business day!