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Library Book Embossers

Mark your books and library materials with a custom book embosser! These "From the Library Of" seals are easy to use, and can emboss everything from interior book covers to letterhead.

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Custom Book Embossers | Library Seals

Our personalized book embossers allow you to mark each of your books as uniquely yours. Use your custom embossing stamp on books, cover pages, letterhead, envelopes, marketing collateral and library property. Simply Stamps offers custom embossers for libraries that feature your custom text. Each seal is available as a desk embosser, luxury embossing machine, or as a pocket embosser, Easily add foil seals to your order if needed to add flair to your embossing stamp impression. Personalize your own custom embossing stamp for your media center and ensure that correspondence is professional and library materials are marked for return.

About Our Custom Book Embossers

  • Personalizing Your Library: Our custom book embossers are the perfect way to personalize your library. Whether you're looking for ways to upgrade your professional books, or you want to customize your personal library, our book embossers are available in a variety of customizable styles and designs.
  • A Custom Gift for Book Lovers: Personalized book embossers make a thoughtful gift for avid readers and book lovers. Choose a design and customize your embosser with the recipients name for a one-of-a-kind gift!
  • High-Quality: Each of our custom book embossers are made to order, hand-assembled and tested by our embosser experts to ensure the highest quality.

Which Embossing Angle Do I Need?

Embosser Angle refers to the orientation of the plates within your embosser. Selecting which angle to emboss from is an important step to ensure you get the desired result.

Book Embosser Angles:

  • Right: Select a right embosser angle to create impressions from the right side of the page. This angle is ideal for embossing the pages of a book or other bound materials.
  • Top: Select this angle to create impressions from the top of the page. This embosser orientation is great for creating impressions in the top center or top right of book pages.
  • Bottom: Select this embosser orientation to create impressions from the bottom of the page. This embosser angle is ideal for creating impressions on the bottom right or bottom center of book pages.
  • Left: This embosser angle creates impressions from the left side of a page. This angle is an uncommon choice for book embossers and will not work for most standard materials that are bound on the left.