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Teacher Script Embosser

Create a personalized impression on outgoing classroom documents with your unique Teacher Script Embosser!

  • Personalized with two lines of custom text
  • Choice of embosser size and style
  • Choice of embossing direction
  • Optional inker and foil stickers available


Design SKU: EMB-TeacherScript
Teacher Script Embosser

Mark important documents, books, and reading materials with your personalized impression. Our Teacher Script Embosser helps keep your classroom running in tip-top shape. We provide easy online customization for this embosser specially designed for teachers!

  • Teacher Script Embosser
  • Customized with two lines of custom text
  • Comes in multiple size options
  • Choose your preferred embosser style
  • Pick an embossing direction
  • Inker and Foil Stickers available at an additional cost
Teacher Script Embosser