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Floral Skull Custom Book Embosser

  • Features your first and last name
  • Several size options for greater flexibility with design and document
  • All embossing angle options available for your specific needs
  • Ergonomically designed seal press is comfortable to hold and light to carry
  • Optional inker available for a more striking and colorful impression
  • Gold/Silver foil stickers available to add a more professional and bold impression
  • SKU: 1027550
    Design SKU: EMB_FLO_Skull-Floral
    Floral Skull Custom Book Embosser

    Elevate your book collection with our custom library embosser featuring a stunning floral skull design. This embosser is meticulously crafted to deliver crisp, clear impressions, giving each book a unique and personal touch.

  • For use on 20 lb. paper or stationery
  • Leaves colorless, raised impressions
  • Embossing plates made of high-quality Delrin plastic
  • Customized with your uploaded text
  • Floral Skull Custom Book Embosser