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Choose From 5 Designs! Book With Flowers Custom Book Embosser

Technical Details:

  • Choose from 5 unique custom book embosser designs
  • Several sizes available so you can choose what works best with your personalized design
  • Optional inker available for a more striking and colorful impression
  • Gold/Silver foil stickers available for a more professional and eye-catching element
  • Climate-neutral construction that consists of up to 65% post-consumer recycled plastic that saves on raw materials compared to the previous model.
  • Produced with 100% electricity from renewable energies to help reduce C02 emissions.

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Design SKU: EMB_FLO_Book-Flower-1
Choose From 5 Designs! Book With Flowers Custom Book Embosser

Immerse yourself in enchantment with our Floral Book Embossers collection. Select from five distinct, beautifully crafted custom embosser designs to find the one that captures your aesthetic. Personalize it with your name to transform your books into eternal masterpieces, each marked in such a way that they'll always return to their rightful owner. Our custom book embossers are engineered for perfection, leaving a sharp, striking embossed impression that's both visually captivating and easy to read, adding a touch of elegance and distinction to your personal library.

    Embosser Info

  • For Use on 20 lb. paper or stationary
  • Book Embosser leaves colorless, raised impressions
  • Embossing plates made of high quality Delrin plastic
  • Select the embossing angle for your needs and comfort
  • Plate available in two different sizes
  • Customized with your text
  • Optional inker available for scanning your impression
  • Silver and gold foil stickers available for added professionalism
  • Technical Details

    Brand: Simply Stamps
    Is Discontinued by Manufacturer: No
    Body Color: Black
    Shape: Round
    Material Type: Plastic

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Using an embosser is simple and easy! First, insert your paper into the embosser, ensuring that it is positioned correctly. Then, squeeze the embosser handles together firmly, and release. Your paper should now have a raised, embossed impression. Repeat as desired for multiple copies.
    Embosser orientation refers to the direction or alignment of the embosser design or image. It is important to consider embosser orientation when creating a custom design to ensure that it is positioned correctly on the paper or card. The orientation can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, depending on the design and intended use. It is important to communicate the desired embosser orientation clearly when ordering a custom embosser to ensure that it is produced correctly.
    At Simply Stamps our embossers are currently sold as a single unit. Not all inserts fit into our newer/older models and different embosser styles. To avoid any sizing issues, we currently do not sell individual embosser inserts.
    You may! During our one-page checkout process, write "Send me a Proof" in the Comment box and our Customer Focus Team will send you a proof of your stamp impression for your signoff before it goes to print. Please be advised that asking for a proof may slow down the production process.
    It is our company’s mission every day to process your order timely, and accurately as you have entered it. Returns are not typically accepted for customized orders. However, we want you to be happy with your product. Therefore, for customized orders where errors were made due to the reasons listed below, we will make the necessary corrections and reship your original order at no charge to you.
    1. The order was damaged or lost during shipping.
    2. Item includes a spelling error made by Simply Stamps.
    3. Item had incorrect customization features.  
    Note: If the customer made a misspelling or chose the incorrect options, this would disqualify the product from being returned
Choose From 5 Designs! Book With Flowers Custom Book Embosser