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Flower Stamps for Crafts and More

Adorn all your outgoing mail and DIY projects with thoughtful designs. Our collection of floral stamps are perfect for imprinting flower decorations on whatever your heart desires. With stock and custom options, you are sure to find the perfect stamp for your needs. You'll find lovely designs of dandelions, hydrangeas, tulips, and more!

Flower Stamps, Craft Stamps and Address Stamps

Flowers and hearts, what would our craft projects be without them? Flowers are among the most popular and iconic design elements there are, we have made plenty of designs for you to choose from. Our flower rubber stamps are for many purposes, from addressing envelopes to embellishing cards and crafts. Browse our many beautiful flowers including roses, daisies, tulips, poinsettias, hibiscus and more. We even have monogram flower stamps. We have small simple flower stamps and ornate and bold designs that will make your paper projects stand out! Make everyday feel like the first day of spring and stamp your next project with one of our rubber flower stamps.

Depending on your project, you may want a simple flower design. In this case, our black ink may perfectly suit your needs. We offer several designs that feature one small heart, or several small hearts. If you're creating cards or stationery for a special someone, try out one of our bolder designs along with red or pink ink. Our interlinked hearts are an elegant choice. We also have floral monogram designs that are the perfect option for decorating mailing envelopes. Our flower stamps give you plenty of creative liberty!

We specialize in making custom rubber stamps, and flowers are among our most popular designs. Find flower address stamps, flower craft stamps, wedding stamps and more that feature lovely floral designs that will make your cards and envelopes stand out. Don't see a design you like? Submit a special request or design your own flower stamp. Looking for other options? Explore our curated selection of rubber stamps to browse premium options for your stamping needs!