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Trodat Professional 5205 Signature Stamp

Trodat Professional 5205 impression area
Trodat Professional 5205
Trodat Professional 5205 | Signature Stamp

Our Trodat Professional Signature Stamp is ideal for adding a signature to checks and other documents with ease and efficiency. For instructions on how to make a signature a stamp, click here!

  • Professional model self-inking stamp
  • Easy online signature upload
  • Variety of eco-friendly ink colors to choose from
  • Recommended: felt-tip pen, not ball point or gel pen for signature upload

Item #:1015455

Design SKU: signature_102

Trodat Professional 5205 Signature Stamp

Allowed file extensions to upload: cdr,jpg,png,jpeg,pdf

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Trodat Professional 5205 Signature Stamp

Cut down the time it takes you to file company documents with the help of our Trodat Signature Stamp! This professional stamp makes signing off on the dotted line fast and easy. Simply sign your name on white paper using a felt tip pen, upload it to our site, and we create your personalized signature stamp!

  • Made from high-quality brushed stainless steel for strength and durability
  • Slim stamp design, grip zones on feet, and new date band ensures fast, precise date setting and alignment
  • Metal core construction and ergonomic design for comfort and high-speed stamping
  • Releases crisp, clear stamp every time and last for thousands of impressions before needing additional ink

Stamp details:

  • Custom signature (please sign on white paper with felt tip pen only*)
  • Sign name in any size (minimum of 1” in length), we will resize to fit stamp
  • Stamp surface area measures approximately 1 x 2.75 inches
  • Choice of several ink colors

*Ball point or gel pens not recommended.

Carbon-neutral stamp proudly manufactured with minimal carbon footprint.