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How to Get the Best Impression from Your Rubber Stamp

How to Get the Best Impression from Your Rubber Stamp
By Sarah DeNicolais April 21, 2017

We've been making rubber stamps since 1954! We know the ins and outs of getting the best impression of your design, and we can think of all sorts of creative ways to use your stamp.

Your custom logo stamp, for example, can be used to brand your business. Use your logo stamps to create your own letterhead, business cards, flyers and brochures, party favors, and even packaging!

It's helpful to know that every surface has its limitations. We've got all the best practices to achieve your desired crisp impression. Here are our tips for getting the best impression from your rubber stamp on some of the most popular stamped surfaces!

Image credit: @sophiaidewald

Quick Must-Knows About Using Your Stamp:

  • When you first get your stamp, you should stamp it 15-20 times to evenly distribute the ink
  • Stamps are best used on standard paper on a flat surface
  • Stamp with one motion, with medium pressure, no rolling!
  • Number of impressions vary by stamp type
    • a. Pre-inked stamps are best for intricate designs, but are not ideal for rapid stamping (the ink needs time to replenish in the pad). They last for hundreds of stampings.
    • b. Self-inking stamps are best for fast, repeated stampings, and deliver 1,000+ quality impressions
    • c. Hand stamps do not come with ink, you'll need to purchase an ink pad. These can last as long as your ink pad lasts!

pre inked stamp

self inking stamp

wood handle stamp

Gloss Surfaces

Image credit: @babeandbutcher

High gloss, non-porous surfaces and papers provide a professional touch to your marketing materials and we have many customers who want to stamp their return address or logo directly on them.

We highly recommend that you purchase a traditional wood handle stamp and use a professional grade quick drying ink that is pigment based.

Water based inks will likely smear and smudge quickly. Be sure you are using the correct ink and you’ll get a great impression! Also, the longer you give the ink to dry, the better the result will be.

Muslin Bags or Burlap

custom pre-inked logo stamp on cloth

Think that stamps are just meant to for paper?

You can actually stamp on fabric, muslin, or burlap with these quick tips and proper expectations for the result.

Let us be the first to say that you will never achieve a perfectly crisp and clear impression on fabric, muslin or burlap – the surface themselves are porous and uneven and will absorb the ink differently.

But, many people like the way that looks!

When stamping on one of these surfaces, we recommend using a traditional wooden hand stamp with quick drying ink (to lessen bleeding as much as possible). Remember to place what you are stamping on a flat surface to prevent an uneven impression. Press down hard and do not release the stamp immediately. Pressing down will push the ink in better!


custom address stamp with logo Image credit: @simplicitysketched

Of course, one of the most common uses of our stamps is return addressing.

When stamping on your envelopes, we recommend that the card or letter NOT be inside. Stamping on a flat surface will provide you with the very best stamp impression.

If you're sending out a lot of cards, your best bet is going to be a self-inking stamp. You can quickly stamp hundreds of envelopes without needing to stop for re-inking.

Say for example you are sending your holiday cards, you should stamp your return address on the envelopes BEFORE inserting your holiday card. You can also add some form of padding under your envelope. Sheets of paper or a mouse pad are easy, household items you can use. Again, this will truly give you the best stamp impression.

Shopping Bags

custom logo stamp on shopping bags Image credit: @threelittlesdc

Custom retail packaging can cost a fortune, so an economical way to brand your retail shopping bags or other packaging is to purchase a custom logo stamp and do it yourself.

However, it’s very important to make sure you are stamping on the lower portion of the bag. If you try to stamp where the handles are adhered, you are likely to get an uneven impression, ruining the bag you spent money on.

So, be sure to stamp on a flat surface and make sure there are no handles in the way. You can insert something into the bag to reduce the effect from the folds and improve your impression.

Also, use the right stamp and ink for the job. If you're using plastic bags, a wooden hand stamp with quick drying ink is the way to go. But, if your business uses paper bags, self-inking stamps are a good option for customizing them in bulk. And, pre-inked logo stamps are fantastic for ensuring the highest-quality impression. But, they take longer and aren't suited for quick, repeated stamping.

White Boxes or Craft Boxes

custom logo stamp on bakery packaging Image credit: @baketoujours

We have hundreds of bakeries who order a custom logo stamp and use the stamp to brand their food packaging.

Unless you are using food safe ink, do not stamp where the food will come into contact. However, stamping on the outside of the box is a great idea.

You will want to stamp the box with your custom logo stamp BEFORE you fold or assemble the box. Stamping on a flat surface is the best way to ensure that you get a perfect impression. Be sure to give them plenty of time to dry before you assemble the box.

Again, know whether your boxes are porous or non-porous (rough vs smooth). And, use the above methods depending on whichever you're using.

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With these quick and easy tips, you will be stamping like a pro in no time and affordably branding your business with your custom logo stamp.

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