Stamp Impression Expectations

Here at Simply Stamps, we pride ourselves on a few things. For one, our turnaround time is unprecedented in the stamp industry.  Order a PERSONALIZED stamp today and we will typeset, manufacture, and ship the next business day.  That’s FAST!  Gone are the days you have to wait five, seven, or ten days for your stamp to ship!


Wood Handle Stamp

Two, we pride ourselves on having a huge selection of stamps to choose from and that doesn’t just mean we have thousands of stamp designs (though we do.)  We also have a large selection when it comes to what TYPE of stamp your design can be mounted on. Your options are:

  • Wood handle
  • Self-Inking
  • Pre-Inked

Within those main three, there are a few size variations and shape variations, as well. Sometimes you need a small, round stamp and other times you need a large, square stamp. We have them all in stock and ready to ship next day.

Often times though, the more choices one has to make, the more questions they’ll have. So how do you choose the stamp that’s right for you? You can always contact our customer focus team with live chats, calls or emails but here’s a quick guide to our three main stamp choices and what to expect.


All of our stamps give high quality, clear impressions but the three have a different look and feel when it comes to impression quality. Here’s a bit more about each and what you can expect.

Wood Handle

Our wood handle stamps do not contain any ink and they need to be inked up on an ink pad before you can stamp.  When buying a wood handle stamp, you also need to purchase an ink pad.  They are sold separately. Wood handle stamps give a very traditional stamp impression. The result may depend on the amount of hand pressure you apply, how well you’ve inked it up on the pad, and the surface you stamp it on. (Make sure it’s a flat, smooth surface!)  The impression of the stamp will not look exactly like one does on a computer screen, or a laser or ink jet printer.  That’s important to note.  Many people actually like this part of a wood handle stamp! There’s character to the way the stamp looks and there’s a handmade, retro feel to it.

 wood block stamp


Our self-inking stamps come in rectangular, round, and square and there’s no need to buy an additional ink cartridge.  It’s included inside the stamp and there’s nothing to load or install. It does all the inking work on it’s own when you press down to stamp. It arrives assembled and ready to stamp.  The self-inking stamps give a great impression as it doesn’t rely on your hand pressure.   We have color ink cartridges that you can swap in and out. Black comes standard and included.

self inking stamp body
Self-Inking Stamp Body


“The Cadillac of all stamps,” some may say, our selection of pre-inked stamps provide the crispest and cleanest impression there is on the stamp market.  The stamp impression is very even and you will get a high quality image on the paper or packaging you are stamping on. It’s heavily inked and gives a very inked impression! We often recommend this for customers who are looking for the highest quality impression possible and who want very little variation in the stamp impression itself.

Pre-Inked Stamp

We understand that a lot of choices can lead to a lot of questions but it’s important to us at Simply Stamps that we have the widest stamp selection on the market.  There’s something for everyone and we are here to guide you!

Does this help answer some stamp choices to make between wood handle, self-inking, and pre-inked and what you should expect with your stamp impression. Comment below, LIVE Chat us now, or send us an email.

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