Changing the Ink Pad on Your Self-inking Stamp (Re-inking)


Here, SimplyStamps’┬áDaniel Jackson demonstrates the proper way to re-ink a self-inking stamp. There are two options in doing so. The first is an easy 5-step process, requiring a bottle of ink. The second is to buy a new stamp ink pad (of a different color if you wish), and follow the same process for removing the old pad and reinserting the brand new ink pad.

Hey, this is Daniel with When your stamp is running low on ink, you have two options.You can use refill ink, or you can replace the stamp pad itself. Today we are going to demonstrate how to do both of those things.

First, we’ll do the refill ink.

Flip your stamp over and put it in the locked position. Grab the two tabs on the stamp pad and remove the pad itself.

You grab your bottle of ink and put about 3 to 4 drops of ink across the pad. And let that soak in for a few seconds.

When the ink has soaked into the pad, and there are no more pools, you can reinsert your pad back into the stamp itself.

And push the stamp down and unlock it. And now you have successfully re-inked your stamp.

The second option is to buy a totally new replacement pad. And in that case you will follow the same procedures. You’ll push the stamp down, and lock it, and will take out the old pa. You’ll take your new pad and remove the cover. You’ll tkae the new pad itself and insert it into the stamp. Then depress the stamp, and unlock it.

And you’ve got a brand new stamp.

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