How to Write the Perfect “Thank You” Note

There are so many great reasons to say thank you, from receiving a holiday gift to staying with a friend for the weekend. When someone does something kind for you, it should always be followed up with a thank you note. Depending on the gesture, you may feel inclined to accompany the note with a small gift or flowers, but a hand-written thank you letter should always be given. Many people often want to send thank you cards, but aren’t sure exactly what to write or how to make it seem genuine. While it should always come from your heart, we have a few tips to share that will make writing your thank you notes simple yet meaningful.

1. Get Creative

Whether you love crafting or aren’t the most artistic person, sending a handmade card is always the most sentimental way to go. With a few colorful or patterned pieces of card stock, a craft stamp, adhesive and craft ink, you can make a simple card that will show just how grateful you are. But if you’re pressed for time or don’t trust your artistic abilities, don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to make thank you card sets meaningful.

2. Make it Personal 

We often receive lots of gifts during the holiday season, at weddings, or graduation parties, so when you’re opening your gifts, be sure to keep track of who sent what. The first step to writing a great thank you note is to make it personal. Begin each note with whoever you’re thanking’s name.

Example: Dear Aunt Sarah, 

3. Express your Gratitude

Follow up with the intent of your card — a “thank you”. A few ideas for keeping it simple are:

“I really appreciate you coming to…”

“Thank you so much for letting us stay with you!”

or “Your present truly made my day.”

4. Be Specific

What did they give you and how will you use it? Include details that show your friends, family, etc. just how much their gift will be appreciated. When people give gifts, they often spend a fair amount of time considering what to get because they want you to love it! So this is your opportunity to let them know how thankful you are for their time and effort.5. Repeat your Thanks

Don’t be afraid to say “thank you” more than once… after all, it is a thank you card! It’s always nice to restate your gratitude towards the end of the card before wrapping things up.

6. “I can’t wait until…”

If you’ll see the recipient anytime in the near future, let them know you are excited to see them at the next family gathering, party, etc. Whether they’re your friends, family or acquaintance, we all look forward to upcoming events.

7. Don’t Wait

When sending your thank you notes, don’t wait! Try to send them as early as you can, but etiquette says within one month from your graduation, wedding, party, or holiday. If life gets busy and they are sent out later, don’t neglect to send them. Instead, just start your note with a simple apology.

Example: I’ve been wanting to tell you how grateful I am for…”

8. Be Efficient 

After the holiday season, your wedding or birthday, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of thank you cards you have to write. If you’re sending your cards through the mail you’ll also need to address and add postage to each one. Save time and make things easier on yourself by return addressing each envelope with a beautiful address stamp.  An elegant round address stamp is a delicate detail to complete the look of your note of gratitude. Stamping each envelope will only take a moment and you’ll be able to send your cards much faster.

After a busy holiday season or a long trip, coming back home to a simple, thoughtful note from someone close to you is always appreciated. While your thank you note may not always seem like much in comparison to your recipient’s gift or gesture, the fact that you took the time to write them a letter of your gratitude will be more than enough. We hope these tips make sending a meaningful thank you note a breeze!


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