How to Pluralize Names for Address Stamps

Ready to order your custom return address stamp? Have you picked out the perfect design, but aren’t sure if you’ve properly filled out your address information? We are here to help. We want to provide you with a guide that clears up all your pluralization and possession confusion.

The first thing to understand is that you will NOT use any apostrophes. Next, you can decide if you want to change your last name from singular to plural. You may want to leave your last name as is. However, you may want to change it to plural to make it clear you are referring to your new spouse or the whole family. If you decide to make it plural, you want to make sure you do this correctly.

Here is your basic guide for changing your last name from singular to plural.

Find Your Last Name by the Letter it Ends With

It’s important to ensure that your name appears correctly on each piece of mail. Another way to double check that you properly filled out your custom address order is by using our Comprehensive Last Name Pluralization Guide.

While you may not see your last name, there is an example of how to pluralize last names for every letter of the alphabet. We also included the exceptions to help you get it right!

Comprehensive Last Name Guide
Last Name Ends In… Singular Plural
a Silva Silvas
b Robb Robbs
c Marc Marcs
d Wood Woods
e Moore Moores
f Huff Huffs
g Berg Bergs
h Mccullough Mcculloughs
*sh Marsh Marshes
*ch Roach Roaches
*ch (hard, “k”) Loch Lochs
i Carini Carinis
j Matej Matejs
k Kordek Kordeks
l Hill Hills
m Durham Durhams
n Osborn Osborns
o Ciccarello Ciccarellos
p Dunlap Dunlaps
q Passaq Passaqs
r Butler Butlers
s Ross Rosses
t Bryant Bryants
u Lienau Lienaus
v Khiev Khievs
w Winslow Winslows
x Cox Coxes
y Barry Barrys
z Perez Perezes

Why You Do Not Need an Apostrophe

You might be wondering why apostrophes are not necessary.

Apostrophes are used to show possession. Your family last name on its own is not possessive. You would say We are the Smiths. You would not say We are the Smith’s House. The correct way to write your last name shows that letters are for the people in the house, not for the house itself.

You make it plural to show the letter is going to more than one person. All of the Waltons will be receiving that amazing Christmas package you spent hours putting together.

Plural Last Name Examples:

Does Your Last Name End in S, X, Z or Sh?
Add es to your last name.
  • If your last name is Jones, you will change it to Joneses
  • If your last name is Davis, you will change is to Davises
  • If your last name is Marsh, you will change it to Marshes
  • If your last name is Gonzalez, you will changes it to Gonzalezes
Does your last name end in A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H* I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, T, U, V, W?
Add an s to your last name.
*Exception for h names that end in sh or ch.

  • If your last name is Johnson, you will change it to Johnsons
  • If your last name is Moore, you will change it to Moores
  • If your last name is Taylor, you will change it to Taylors
Does Your Last Name End ch?
The proper way to pluralize your last name will depend on whether or not it’s pronounced with a hard k sound.
  • If your last name is French, you will change it to Frenches
  • If your last name is Loch, you will change it to Lochs
Does Your Last Name End in a y?
If you last name ends in a y, you do NOT change it to ies, instead you just add an s.
  • If your last name is Murphy, you will change it to Murphys

Common Mistakes When Pluralizing Names

Let’s say your last name is Smith, and you are trying to figure out how to make it plural. You will see 3 common errors people make. To find the correct way to pluralize your name, you have to search by the last letter, which is h.

Using Apostrophes:

Incorrect Plural of Smiths with Apostrophe Between H and S

Incorrect Plural of Smiths with Apostrophe After S

Not Correctly Pluralizing

Incorrect Plural of Smiths with An "es"


Correct Plural of Smiths

All you have to do is stay calm and avoid apostrophes.

How To Order Your Address Stamp in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Pick Out Your New Address Stamp
  2. After you pick out your address stamp, you may decide to pluralize your last name. To find what the ending should be, look up by your last letter. In this case, it would be w.

    Internet Entry Fields with Andrew and 316 Warren Way

  3. Check the Cheat Sheet
  4. Pluralizing Cheat Sheet with "All other letters of the alphabet" and "Add s" Highlighted

  5. Correctly Pluralize Your Last Name
  6. Internet Entry Fields with Andrews and 316 Warren Way

You did it! Your pluralized your last name correctly. Now double check your street address information and order. Then, wait for your fancy new holiday stamp to arrive.

(Pssst: Your last name will look like this!)

Address Stamp Example, Andrews, 316 Warren Way, Stuart, Florida, 34997

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