Handwriting Difficulty & Stamp Alternatives

Certain hand-related disorders, injuries and problems can lead to discomfort during fine motor activities such as writing. Just like tying a shoe or fastening a button, extended periods of handwriting require close attention and a focused use of the fingers to get the desired result.

Individuals experiencing these types of problems may find that custom rubber stamps allow them to complete daily tasks without putting as much stress on their hands.

Instead of the intricate movement involved in writing out a name, or name and street address, a custom rubber stamp only requires a single action to get an impression. The convenience and comfort of using stamps make completing these tasks that might typically be a burden much smoother.

Common Hand Conditions

Hand conditions can cause various kinds of discomfort such as muscle cramping, stiffness, joint pain, tremors, aching, throbbing and numbness. If pain or stiffness becomes more severe, basic tasks requiring fine motor skills may not be able to be completed. There are a range of causes that may be at work contributing to handwriting discomfort.

Conditions range from over-use of the hand and poor writing posture, to degenerative illnesses and movement disorders.  When hands are used for a repetitive activity, people may develop what is known as a type of focal dystonia. Writers, athletes and musicians may develop this neurological movement disorder.  With over-use syndrome, other conditions may be at work such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendon problems.

Some motor disabilities that impair the use of the hands include cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Spina bifida, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Parkinson’s and Essential Tremor. Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis may affect the use of the hands.

While the issues mentioned above can cause pain when writing, other age-related conditions can make writing more difficult. Cognitive problems, such as memory disorders, may disrupt fine motor dexterity. A patient who suffers from a stroke may also need to re-learn handwriting as a part of recovery. Eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy can impair vision.

As handwriting becomes more difficult, the finished result can change. A signature may be written with a shaky hand and numbers in an address may be indecipherable.

Signature and Return Address Stamps

Some writing tasks can be replaced with the use of custom self-inking stamps. Common activities such as writing a signature or finishing addressing an envelope are much easier with the right stamp. Signature stamps and return address stamps are made precisely to expedite these tasks and leave behind a uniform design that you create.

People use self-inking signatures stamps for checks, letters or other official documents. Signature stamps are made with an uploaded copy of an individual’s precise signature. You can use address stamps for mailing bills, cards or other types of correspondence. You can customize each of these rubber stamps with your personal information.

These stamps only require downward pressure for an impression, rather than the intense focus necessary for writing letters and numbers. If you find that handwriting aggravates existing conditions or are having trouble getting your signature to look the way it used to, a customized stamp might be the solution. With every use, you will get a clear impression and complete your task in one swift movement.


***Note: This is not meant for medical use. The single movement of the stamping action and pressure necessary may not be appropriate for those suffering from certain mild to severe hand conditions. Consult with your doctor if you are uncertain about physical capacities and pain related to hand movement.






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