Choosing Paper for Your Custom Embosser

Standard embossers typically use paper that weighs up to 20 pounds (a measurement based on how much a whole ream of paper weighs). However, getting the best type of paper for embossing depends on a number of factors. There are many uses for embossers, types of embossers available, and materials that can be embossed. Depending on your goal, you may be able to emboss on anything from paper to foil stickers.

What Are You Using Your Embosser for?

desk embosser
People use custom embossers for used for official, corporate, or personal documents.

  • Licensed individuals in specialized industries, such as engineers, architects, designers, land surveyors, geologists, and notaries, require professional seals.
  • Embossed stickers are used on official documents such diplomas and birth certificates.
  • Businesses use embossers for company logos and corporate seals.
  • Other common entities, including churches and libraries, also customize embossers.

In addition to meeting professional needs, embossers may feature addresses, monograms and artistic designs. At, you can design your own office embosser by uploading a custom logo or artwork.

Choosing the Best Embossing Paper

custom embosser impression on an envelope
For most embossers, 20 pound paper works best. This kind of paper is also referred to as “20 lb. Bond” as well as “50 lb. uncoated Text”.  This measurement is not based on a single sheet of paper, but a 500 sheet ream that weighs 20 pounds.

The standard copy paper used for most office printing is 20 lb. Many writing envelopes are also 20 lb. We recommend “up to 20 lbs”, as lighter weight papers can be used, and will still clearly show the embossed impression.

If the paper is too light, the embosser can rip it. For reports, company letterhead, and business proposals printed on 20-32 lb paper, you can often still use a standard embosser..

*Once you get into 65 lb. cover stock or 80 lb. business cards, heavy duty embossers usually work best. For reference, that heavy duty water color paper you may have encountered in grammar school is 140 lbs. When it comes to business cards and heavier weight papers, it will require more pressure to completely capture the impression.

Paper Weight

Outside the United States, paper is measured by grams per square meter. Within the U.S., there are a number of quantitative descriptions used for paper. This is because paper weight refers to measures of thickness and heaviness. Paper weight may be measured in different scales based on paper type. Bond and Text measurements are used for lighter papers, and Cover and Index for heavier.

Pictured above, you can see some paper weight examples that show weights with corresponding documents. These are only approximate examples, given to demonstrate the differences, rather than exact measurements.

Types of Embossers

types of embossers
Common seal sizes for desk embossers include 1.625” and 2”.  Embossers are available in standard sizes as well as long reach designs, which allow you to place a seal a further distance from the edge of a document. Pocket embossers are a smaller, mobile option that works well for industries that require embossing documents on the go. Heavy duty cast iron or electric embossers are used in offices that require frequent embosser use.

At Simply Stamps, we sell standard embossers, pocket sizes, and classic gold embossers (Note: availability of certain embosser types may vary depending on our current stock!). These can be used for simple seal impressions or purchased with inkers or foil stickers.

Seals & Custom Designs for Embossers

custom address embosser impression
For embosser dies with more intricate designs, more pressure will be required to create an impression showing minute distinctions. Intricate designs might include smaller numbers and letters, shading differences and other tiny details. It will be easier – because of requiring less pressure – to emboss these types of seals into lighter weight paper. Also, lighter colored paper will put a greater emphasis on the distinctions.

You can also easily customize a professional seal by putting your license information into the appropriate seal type for your location and industry. We can personalize your embosser die to be used for official documents, business or home addresses, and decoration.

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Explore our site to find an embosser for work or home use. Whether you are looking for a beautiful new desk accessory featuring address impressions or to update your state seal and license expiration date, you can turn to Simply Stamps to order your embosser. Our long-lasting embossers can create precise, beautiful raised impressions when you have the right paper materials.



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