8 Valentine’s Craft Ideas Using Stamps

Each year we dedicate Valentine’s Day to the ones we love. Celebrations range from romantic dinners, movie nights with friends, or even gatherings with family. There are so many ways we can make the moments even more special!

You can start preparing for this annual holiday by gathering all of your very best craft supplies. With the help of some adorable Valentines stamps, scrapbooking paper, and markers, you can create festive gifts and decorations worth remembering! These unique v-day inspired ideas can work for your best group of gal pals to your once-in-a-lifetime valentine. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just beginning your DIY journey this year, these 8 fun projects are easy to achieve and will be absolutely adored by your valentines this year!


Scribbled Heart Stamp


Picture Perfect Heart Impression

A picture says a thousand words, but they can mean a thousand more! Update your framed photos or give your significant other a lovely Valentine themed picture frame. Simply pick your favorite couples’ photo and print it out. Take a white frame mat and decorate it with heart stamps and valentines inspired stickers. Write your names and anniversary date for a personal touch. This easy DIY project will become your new favorite decoration in your home or office!



Love Letter Sealed with a Stamp

It is universally known that a love letter is a swoony worthy way to your partner’s heart. If you’ve scoured Pinterest for a cute valentine’s gift idea, you’ve most likely come across this modern take on a classic love letter. A bundle of ‘read this when’ letters are a set of sealed love letters in specially labeled envelopes. You read them when the card says. For example, read this after our 5th date or read this when you’re missing me.

You can easily create your very own bundle of letters. Share meaningful messages and romantic affirmations they will hold dearly.  Adorn each envelope with thoughtful impressions like our you will forever be my always stamp. The extra thought put onto the outside of your letters will help build anticipation for the moment your partner is finally able to open your thoughtful notes.


Be Mine Valentines Stamp


Cute ‘Be Mine’ Craft Stamp Place Cards

On Valentine’s Day, you cannot go wrong with a candle-lit dinner. For a special occasion like this do not hold back on decorating your table to the nines and making (or ordering) the finest of feasts.

Create cute and custom place cards by cutting a heart out of craft paper and marking it with a be mine stamp. Place the card on top of the dinner plate. Line the table with a colorful liner and heart-shaped confetti. Fill a vase full of their favorite flowers and use that for the centerpiece. The small details will make this dinner one to remember!



Friendly Valentines Stamp Design

Think back to being in elementary school when you would hand out your Valentine cards to each of your friends and classmates. While you may not have continued this tradition past your school years, it is the perfect time to bring it back! Instead of going to the store and buying pre-made cards, get creative, and make your own!

Use colored cardstock, markers, ribbons, and stamps to adorn each card. Write thoughtful inscriptions that only your friends will understand. Let them know how much you appreciate having them in your life. Seal the card with a custom heart name stamp for the finishing touch!



Creative Cupid Stamp Décor

Whether you are throwing a small Galentine’s Day bash, planning a romantic night in, or wanting to celebrate the season of love in style, there are easy decorations you can make at home! DIY your own v-day banner with pink or red paper! Write cute phrases and add adorable stamp designs using a cupid stamp. Take the top of each heart paper, some festive ribbon, and clothespins, and attach each card to the string until you have a completed banner! This home-made banner looks great in your home and makes a wonderful prop for Valentine’s pictures!


Happy Valentines Day Stamp


Gift Note with a Valentines Quote Stamp

When you think of Valentine’s Day, chocolate, roses, and romcoms probably come to mind! While these staple gifts are on the cheesy side, your partner would love to receive them on this special day. Don’t just gift an ordinary bouquet of red roses. Make your floral gift stand out. Switch out the plastic wrap that comes with your flowers for some quality brown paper. Wrap a bright ribbon around the middle of the wrap and tie it in a perfect bow! Lastly, take a Happy Valentines Just For You stamp and imprint it on your attached gift note.

Your valentine will be in awe of your picture-worthy v-day bouquet!



Personalized Stamp Wrapping Paper

Picking the perfect valentine’s gift isn’t easy, but giving your partner something they’ll love makes it all worthwhile. Match the excitement of your gift to the wrapping paper that covers it! Store-bought wrapping paper won’t do justice for your sentimental gift. Create delicate details on the packaging to make your present even more special. Use white or brown kraft wrapping paper to cover your gift box. Take a love stamp and create a custom pattern all over the box. Finish it off with a decorative red ribbon to match the classic valentines’ colors.


Lots of Hearts Address Stamp


Address Stamps for Distanced Sentiments

Valentine’s Day should be spent celebrating more than just your romantic relationship. On this special day, you should give recognition to all the people you adore. Remind friends and family that you love and miss them during these crazy times. A great alternative to spending the day together is sending them a heartfelt card! Your kind words and extra effort let them know you are thinking about them!

Take out your stationary and draft a letter! Include a list of all the things you love about that person to brighten their day. After you’ve written your note, adorn your envelopes with a Valentine’s themed address stamp for that extra special touch. Be prepared to receive phone calls filled with happy recipients who love your sweet sentiments.


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Creating unique gifts, decorations, and thoughtful cards help make this day special. Show your partner how much you care, not by going out and buying a gift, but by creating something just for them. Don’t forget to shower your closest friends and family with affection too. Send them their own Valentine’s day card filled with warm wishes. We would love to see your take on our Valentine’s Day DIY ideas! Share photos of your creations by tagging us at @SimplyStamps and follow us for more crafting inspiration.


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