Stamp of the Week: Wood Logo Stamps

The Stamp of the Week for 1/18/21 to 1/24/21 is a traditional wood handle logo stamp! Check back each week to see the latest Stamp of the Week!

At Simply Stamps, we specialize in creating custom rubber stamps for everyone from artists and DIYers to small business owners. This means that every day we get to see all kinds of creative ideas, designs and logos come to life as high-quality rubber stamps!

Each week we pick one of our favorite stand out stamp designs and one of our stamp models to put on display with our Stamp of the Week promotion.

This week’s Stamp of the Week is a custom Design Your Own Stamp, perfect for logos and branding. Shop fast for a Stamp of the Week discount from 1/18 to 1/24!

wood handle logo stamp
Shop Now for Special Pricing (Valid 1/18/21 through 1/24/21)!

rep shop logo stamped on pageEach of our Design Your Own Wood Stamps and Logo Stamps are carefully crafted to help you make your mark and leave a lasting impression.

This week’s featured stamp design is courtesy of Rep Shop!

Rep Shop is a stylish boutique that provides accessories and trendy Tees to everyday Mamas and boss babes everywhere! This fashion-forward business is focused on making bold statements with one-of-a-kind chic and trendy style.

Rep Style takes their bold branding to the next level with the help of a traditional wood handle logo stamp! From stamping packaging to making a mark on promotional materials, here are a few ways that you could put this week’s Stamp of the Week to work, inspired by the one-of-a-kind branding at Rep Shop:

Making a Stylish Statement with Packaging

rep shop custom logo stamp on bag

Showcase your one-of-a-kind brand throughout every element of your business, including your product packaging! Logo stamps are a great way to bring a cohesive style to all of your outgoing orders.

Simply stamp your logo onto boxes, bags and packaging to send your products out in style.

Bold Branding

rep shop custom stamp on business card

Make your brand stand out! Logo stamps are a great way to make a bold impression on all of your business branding materials from business cards to product tags and stickers.

Stamp your logo in style by choosing an ink pad color that matches your branding.

Eye-catching Promotions

rep shop custom logo stamp on promo flyer

Spread the word about your business with branded promotional material! Stamp your logo on flyers, posters, order inserts and all types of promos to make a memorable impact.

For online-based businesses, your logo stamp can also add a special touch to your social media promotions by helping incorporate your brand into your top-of-the-line photos and posts!

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brand your business with logo stamps, use code simply20 for 20% off your order

We’d love to see how you’re making a statement with rubber stamps! Share all of your creative DIY branding ideas and projects with us @SimplyStamps, and don’t forget to follow us for updates on all things rubber stamps.

Want to learn how your custom stamp can be featured as the Stamp of the Week? Check out our previous stamp picks, learn more about our selection process and find out how your stamp can be featured on our Stamp of the Week page here!

To learn more about Rep Shop and their dedication to all things stylish and chic, or to place an order for their trendy merchandise, visit their website and Instagram!

This Design Your Own Traditional Hand Stamp is Stamp of the Week with special pricing from 1/18/21 to 1/24/21. Check back next week for new offers with our next Stamp of the Week!

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