Create Your Own Postcards with Custom Address Stamps

At Simply Stamps, we have custom stamps for every occasion, every style and every DIY.

What better way to complement all of your summer adventures than with postcards! By using our Photograph Signature Address Stamp, you can easily create your own postcards and send them out to all your loved ones.

Ready to get started? Here’s our complete guide on how to make your own postcards with rubber stamps;

How to Customize Your Address Stamp:

custom return address stamp on diy card

Customizing your stamp is easy, and only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Pick your perfect stamp! Simply Stamps has hundreds of custom address stamp options to pick from. Browse our full collection of address stamps here.
  2. Add your custom info and personalization in the designated text fields. There are custom fields for your address, city, state, zip code and personalized name or text!
  3. Select your custom options! Many of our address stamps are available with different stamp types, sizes, and ink colors.
  4. Place your order! Once we receive your custom stamp order, we’ll begin personalizing and assembling your stamp ASAP!

DIY Postcard Supplies:

personalized stamp on postcard

Once you’ve received your personalized address stamp, you’re ready to start creating your own custom postcards! Here are all of the supplies you’ll need to get started:

  • A custom rubber return address stamp
  • Pens, pencils or markers
  • Cardstock or thick-weighted paper
  • Postage stamps
  • A photograph, artwork or design that you’d like to display on the back of your postcard

How to Make Your Own Custom Postcards:

custom address stamp on postcard
  1. Decorate the front side of your postcard! With the summer season officially starting on June 21st, we suggest creating a postcard with photos of your summer travels and adventures.
  2. On the reverse side of your postcard, draw a vertical line dividing two equal sides: one side for the recipient address and postage stamp, the other side for the return address and your message to the recipient
  3. Add the recipient’s address and postage stamp to the right side of your postcard. Check out our guide on proper address formatting for helpful hints and tips!
  4. Write a brief message to the recipient on the left side
  5. Finish off your custom postcard with a stamp! Stamp your custom return address stamp on the upper left corner to showcase your return address in style!

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