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Creating Affordable Wedding Invitations

Creating Affordable Wedding Invitations
By Alanna Ritchie February 15, 2019
There’s nothing quite like the shock that comes with learning about each new wedding expense. Researching wedding invitations options, one of the early nuptial planning priorities, is no exception. Professionally made invitations can easily become a major expense.

Shutterfly estimates that couples pay $400 to $650 on average for their wedding invitations. Some sites offer simple designs at around $1 per invitation. And according to the popular wedding site, couples spend an average of $1,000 on invitations for big budget weddings.

1. Photo by: Kendra Bryson Photography

To help cut back on these high costs, many budget brides are opting for DIY wedding invitations. But there is still the question of how DIY to go. Writing wedding details on card after card requires patience, precision, and artistic ability. It can quickly become painstaking. Instead of pouring over the tiny letters for the time, date, and location details, consider expediting the process with a simple stamp.

Our designers labored to create beautiful invitation stamps – which mean less work for you. Our stamps are customized to include the essential wedding details.

Formal Laurel Wedding Invitation Stamp

2. Photo by: Cheryl & Jay Photography

Our Wedding Invitation Stamp Collection

Every bride is different, approaching planning with a unique vision for the wedding. There are personalities that evolve as you prepare, like the ballroom bride, practical princess, flower maiden, boho bride, classic Jackie, and so many more. To match this variety of styles, we’ve created an exclusive selection of gorgeous invitation designs

Floral Wreath Wedding Invitation Stamp

3. Photo By: Photography by Larson

  • The Floral Wreath Wedding Invitation stamp has adorable initials with a dainty crown surrounding them. Enjoy a minimal look with this style, which keeps important ceremony details sweet and simple.
  • The Formal Ornate Wedding stamp might be the preferred choice for an elegant event that centers around classic wedding traditions. The Baroque corners give a refined accent to this design.
  • The Formal Laurel Wedding Invitation includes beautiful branches, an elegant script at the top and classic block letters for the bride and groom’s names (top of page).
  • The Whimsical Wedding Invitations feature the bride and groom’s names cuddled in leaf branches, and include the location written in a bold, ornamented script.

Making your invitation stamp on our website is easy. Simply enter your invitations for the big day in the fields when you order the stamp. The custom fields may include information such names, day, date and year of the wedding, ceremony time, location, and an RSVP email. Each stamp includes different text and details.

Whimsical Wedding Invitation Stamp

Just Add Ink & Paper

Your stamp imprint will be 4 X 6 inches. Your wedding stamp does not include an ink pad. However, we do sell 5” X 7” ink pads, which can be used for your stamp, on our site. Blue, black and red ink colors are available. You can also order quality ink from other vendors to use with your rubber stamp.

Lastly, along with postage, you’ll need paper to stamp your design on. We give our shoppers the chance to buy paper elsewhere, which keeps our cost at the al la carte stamp price, rather than offering expensive invitation packages.

Formal Ornate Wedding Invitation Stamp

Give your invitation a unique feel by choosing the color and type of paper for your invitation. From cost-effective options like parchment or linen to Vellum layered materials and cotton fiber, you make this invite your own. You can even opt for an environmentally-friendly choice and go for recycled paper. Amazon sells many affordable invitation packets and Target even has 8.5” x 5.5” blank note cards with envelopes in sets of 50 for $9.99.

Just make sure you figure in the cost of postage as you plan invitations and consider RSVP card inclusions.

Formal Ornate Wedding RSVP Stamp

Save-the-Dates & RSVPs

For those who really enjoy the stamping possibilities created by DIY Wedding Stamps, make sure to take a peek at our Save-the-Dates, RSVPs and Return Address stamps designed for weddings. You can buy each one to match your invitation stamp, or mix and match with your favorite layouts.

If you are trying to avoid the postage costs and extra time involved in making RSVP stamps, just add an email or website address for guests to respond online. The Formal Ornate Wedding stamps includes a line for you to add this information.

Formal Ornate Save the Date Stamp

For everyone else who falls in love with a different design, contact our Customer Service Team to find out how you can customize your order.

You can now streamline your wedding planning when you choose from our customizable invitation stamps. Get your new wedding stamp here. This timeless ink detail might just be the secret to provide a thrilling first impression to all your guests.


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