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Monogram Guide - How To

Monogram Guide - How To
By Admin June 30, 2016

Though it’s just two or three letters, selecting the right monogram can be a daunting task because of all the “rules.” What order should they be placed in can be confusing. Etiquette dictates a specific formula for a person’s individual monogram, a married monogram, and there’s even such a thing as a family monogram. Women’s individual monograms and men’s individual monograms are different, too.

If you aren’t entirely familiar, the concept can also be a little backwards with logic. Have no fear though, Simply Stamps is here to make sure you are ordering your monogram correctly. This is especially important in gift giving.

Simply follow our Monogram Etiquette Guide here.

For Individual Monograms for WOMEN: Most commonly, use the order of: first name initial, last name initial, and middle name initial. Ashley Martin Best would monogram as ABM.

For Individual Monogram for MEN: Use a straight monogram of first name initial, middle initial, and last name, in that order. So Knox George Martin would monogram as KGM.

For Married Monograms: Use the wife’s first name initial, married last name initial, and husband’s first name initial, in that order. So Ashley and Knox Best’s monogram would be ABK.

For Same Sex Marriages: Follow the married monogram rules, use the jointly shared last name initial in the middle. Elaine and Sally Bench would monogram as EBS.

For Family Monograms: Not as formal, the family monogram is a relatively new trend and features up to two children’s first initials and the first initial of the family’s last name. The Martins have two children, Ella and Connor, and their monogram would read EMC.

There you have it! Our monogram etiquette should help you solve any future monogram dilemmas. While you are thinking about it, hop on over to shop our wide selection of Monogram Stamps!

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