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Sympathy Card Messages: What To Write To Express your Condolences

Sympathy Card Messages: What To Write To Express your Condolences
By Katie Viego April 14, 2021
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The loss of a loved one is never easy. Whether it was sudden or not, it takes time and grief to help heal one's wounds. While there is no one thing to take someone's grief away, there are actions you can take to help during this difficult time. Letting your close friend or family member know that you wish them the best is a great place to start.

It can be hard to find the right words to say or find the right time to say it. We have compiled a list of sympathy card sentiments and message examples to help send your well wishes. Our meaningful messages should assist you in writing and closing your card!

Sympathy Statements

Sympathy can be defined as the feeling of sorrow for one's hardship. Sharing heartfelt sympathy is a common way to share your genuine feelings for one's loss. These words of sympathy can start, add to, or close off your card. Messages like these are a sweet and straightforward way of letting your friend or family member know you are sorry.

Turn your blank condolence card into one they will cherish. Leave quality impressions and messages that help take away some of the heartbreak. Our 'with sympathy' stamp is perfect for imprinting on the front of your card or back of your envelope.

Phrases to Express Your Sympathy -

  • With Sympathy
  • My Deepest Sympathy

Kind Thoughts

It is common for those who are grieving to feel alone and isolated. Losing someone important to you can mimic an empty feeling in your heart and life. Let them know they are not alone. These kind words tell them you are always there to offer support, especially during this challenging time.

Whether you wish to send it in a card or with a gift, include a 'thinking of you' stamp impression. Adorn this kind impression on your envelope or gift tag. This small detail is sure to be appreciated.

Statements That Share Compassion -

  • Thinking of You
  • You Are in My Thoughts

I'm Sorry Sentiments

Sometimes the easiest and most effective way to share your feelings is to say you are sorry for their time of loss. It shows you are sympathetic towards their current situation and state of feeling. Everyone is affected by grief differently. Not everyone can genuinely say I know what you are going through, and others may not know the best ways to be there for that person. But, you can never go wrong with this universal message for expressing sadness for their loss.

Take the time to show you mean it. Make the sympathy card from scratch and include personal touches that you could not buy from a store-bought greeting card. Use an I'm sorry craft stamp to start your words of sentiment. Your thoughtful sympathy note is something they will hold close to their heart.

Sayings That Show Support -

  • I Am Sorry For Your Loss
  • I Am So Sorry You Are Going Through This

Sending Well Wishes

Offer a kind sentiment with sincere sympathy quotes. A lot of people can find comfort in God and worship during hard times. For religious family or friends, offer condolences in the form of prayers. Seal your sympathy card with a lily cross address stamp, this symbolizes your shared beliefs in a lovely display.

Others may find the sincerest condolences come in ways of sharing stories of happy memories with the amazing person they had the privilege of knowing. When a grieving person looks for fond memories to get through their time of grief, it may be a thoughtful idea to include pictures, notes, and memorabilia in your envelope.

Expressions that Give Consolation -

  • Sending Prayers and Warm Wishes
  • Sending You My Heartfelt Condolences

Caring Condolences

Let your recipient know that he/she is greatly missed with these words of condolences. Sharing loving memories and fun experiences with someone you have lost makes it much harder to get through. Condolence messages show your recipient that they are not the only ones feeling this heartbreaking loss. Include phrases like my warmest condolences to sign off on your heartfelt note.

Common Expressions of Condolence -

  • My Deepest Condolences
  • My Sincere Condolences

Other Ways to Show Your Sympathy

In a time of sorrow, there are many ways to show your empathy. Whether it was the loss of a mother, father, or husband, some gifts and gestures are always appreciated. Sharing your condolences can be as simple as making a phone call. Let them know just how much you care for them in their time of need.

Sympathy gifts can also be a kind idea. Send over a bouquet of flowers with an attached notecard expressing your solace. Send white lilies or white roses to signify sympathy. Another gift to consider is a homemade meal or treat. If you live nearby or you can take the trip, making your loved one a meal gives them one less thing to worry about. Make your food with love and pack it up, so they have leftovers to treat themselves to later.

Gifts that Bring Comfort -

  • Bouquet of Lilies or White Roses
  • Homemade Meal or Treat

Taking the time to create and send a heartfelt card will make an incredible impact on your recipient. Finding the words to match what you are feeling can be difficult. Hopefully, these sympathy messages make it easier to put pen to paper. Leaving personal messages and custom sentiment stamp imprints will make all the difference. In this sad time, we also wish you and your closest friends and family our deepest sympathies.

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