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Tips & Trends for Logos

Tips & Trends for Logos
By Admin January 4, 2017
In 2016, many of us changed the way we communicate and the way we learn. We changed how we travel, shop, read, cook, exercise and watch TV. In a world that’s constantly changing, it’s important for businesses to keep up. We must evolve to meet new standards and impress consumers as quickly as possible. One of the many changes we saw in 2016 was in logo designs. Learn more about the logo trends of the year! Plus, tips for buying the perfect logo stamp.

2016 Trends


In general, companies are adopting logos that speak for themselves. Whether it’s the font, color and/or shape, less is definitely becoming more. A simple logo positively lacks clutter and represents a brand and products that are straightforward.


San Serif Fonts

These typefaces don’t use serifs, or the small lines at the end of each character. Popular fonts within this category include Arial, Helvetica and Geneva. Studies show sans serif fonts are more difficult to read. This trend goes back to the desire to be simple.


Geometric Shapes

Most popularly, the circle, but no matter what the shape, the more simple the geometry the better.pinterest-logo

Wide Logos

This trend goes against the grain as designers generally prefer a condensed or balanced look. However, nothing lasts forever and many large companies (ie: SpeedTree and Oculus) are adjusting their logos and surpassing borders.


We saw many new trends for logos in 2016, but there are a variety of interchangeable design styles that refuse to be ignored. Some of the styles growing in popularity seem to be Ombre, Linked, Dog Eared, Corners, Line Dash, Curls and Letterblock – just to name a few.


Tips for Logo Stamps

Whether your business is growing or already a giant, your logo is one of the first impressions consumers will have. Often times, a logo will be more recognizable than the company name itself. Making your brand’s logo known is one of the most important things you can do for your company.

For small businesses ready to make their voices known, a custom logo stamp is an affordable yet powerful solution. Simply Stamps offers a wide variety of completely customizable logo stamps to help grow your small business. Follow these tips from our professionals for submitting your logo and you’ll be branding your company in no time!

  • Easily upload your logo via Be sure your file is in one of the following formats: jpg, png, gif, psd, pdf, ai, eps, tiff.
  • The maximum file size is 8 MB.
  • Submit a logo that’s composed of two colors. When using a logo stamp, you’ll need an “inked” and “non-inked” area so your logo will translate well.
  • Be sure to consider what you’ll be using your stamp for when choosing a stamp size. An XL custom logo is 3” x 4” and the largest pre-inked stamp we offer, however, a non-inked rubber hand stamp can be up to 4” x 7”.

With 2016’s logo trends in mind and these tips for creating your own logo stamp, you’re ready to create or improve your business’ logo. Make sure your company is known and it’s voice is heard during the New Year!