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Why Simply Stamps?

By Admin October 18, 2016

We like to keep things, well, simple. At Simply Stamps, we offer the largest selection of stamps on the web and if you order today, it ships next business day. Not to mention, all order of $49 or more receive free shipping.

Whether you are addressing greeting cards, confirming invoices as paid, branding your goods, or notarizing paperwork, we have the address stamps, stock office stamps, logo stamps, and notary stamps you need to get the job done well.

Your stamp, your way. Our stamp customization process.

With Simply Stamps huge selection of stamps, we want to make sure you’re choosing the stamp that fits your needs. All of our address and logo stamps come in three different options: Wood, Self-inking & Pre-inked. Each has their advantages depending on how you’d like to your stamp.

Our Wood Handle stamps are least expensive. But, you’ll need to buy an ink pad to use along with it. Ink the stamp up on the pad before you stamp. This gives you lots of options to switch ink colors back and forth! Because the stamp relies on your hand pressure, you won’t get a perfectly clean impression but many people like that old-school rubber stamp impression!

A self-Inking stamper is a space saver and there’s no need to buy an extra ink pad. The cartridge is included inside and the stamper does all the inking work for you. All of our self-inking stamp cartridges are easily removable. Self-inking stamps are great for a lot of rapid stamping – it won’t fade after a lot of impressions. You’ll get a crisp impression with a self-inking stamp.

With a pre-inked stamp, you’ll get an unbelievable 50,000 impressions so it’s an incredible value for a high-quality stamp. The ink is all in the die. It’s quiet, it’s simple produces the highest quality impression you’ll find in the stamp world.

There you have it – a simplified version of the differences in our stamps! Visit for more information or check Simply Stamps University for more.