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Clothing Stamp 4 oz Black Ink Bottle

Black Clothing Ink Bottle

  • Quantity: approx. 4 fluid oz.
  • Type: Permanent dye
  • Uses: various surfaces - porous materials

Need a dry pad to go with your ink bottle? Order a dry pad here!

SKU: 1012959
Clothing Stamp 4 oz Black Ink Bottle

If you need an ink to label lightly color materials, order this 4 oz. Permanent Clothing Ink to use with a dry pad. Make sure to let the dye set after stamping for at least an hour to make a permanent bond. The ink should stay on the pad moist and usable for several days with the lid closed. We recommend keeping your inked pad in a sealed/air tight bag (like a ziploc) between uses to reduce the extent of ink drying on the pad. Great for labeling clothes, bags and more! Order yours online here now! 

Note: This ink is not to be used with the Trodat Clothing Marker Stamp (4911CM) or its replacement pad.

Clothing Stamp 4 oz Black Ink Bottle