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Cursive Seahorse Return Address Stamp

This decorative ‘Cursive Seahorse Return Address Stamp’ will be you lasting beautiful impressions every time!

  • Add two names and we will add the '&'
  • Add your full street address
  • Select the stamp type
  • Select the stamp size
  • Choose your favorite ink color
  • Opt for an extra bottle of ink


Design SKU: Ocean_15
Cursive Seahorse Return Address Stamp

Our Cursive Seahorse Return Address Stamp makes the perfect gift for couples and newlyweds! Add a personalized address stamp to all your outgoing mail for a personal touch. Featuring an elegant script and a twin sea horse design, your name and address will come out perfectly clear and legible every time.

  • Personalized with your name and address
  • Available in self-inking, pre-inked, and wooden stamp types
  • Stamp impression measures approximately 1" x 2.5"
  • Variety of vibrant ink colors to choose from
  • Optional ink bottle available for an additional cost
  • Makes thousands of impressions before needing an ink refill
Cursive Seahorse Return Address Stamp