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Fancy Pineapple Return Address Stamp

Who doesn't like pineapples? Do you want the regal elegance of a tropical Victorian-style pineapple? The Fancy Pineap... View More

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Fancy Pineapple Return Address Stamp
Fancy Pineapple Return Address Stamp Details The pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality since colonial times. A pineapple on a spear in front of a captain's door showed everyone that he was home safe from a long voyage. This beautiful fruit is elegantly detailed to highlight the features of its symbolism. If beauty, hospitality and a sense of welcome are some of the things you want your home to embody, order the Fancy Pineapple Return Address Stamp today! Why buy extra ink? Your address stamp will last for numerous impressions, much longer than the ink that comes with it. Purchasing extra ink with your stamp will ensure that you will get full value from your stamp for years to come. Try getting a different color refill ink so when your original color runs out, you can refill with a new color! Order ink with your stamp and don't run out of ink on the day you need it the most!