Feedback Decorative Creative Writing Rubber Teacher Stamp

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Whether you are teaching your students about the power per word quotient, the difference between a metaphor and a simile or even just something as simple as how to count the number of syllables in a stanza, this simple rubber stamp is here to help. Use it on your syllabi, your classroom binder, or even to better organize your papers. If you teach creative writing, then you probably teach English too? Am I right? With all those papers to grade, this is a great tool for staying organized and efficient. Creative writers pride themselves on being um..well...creative! Why not start the trend by opting for a fun ink color like purple instead of black, at no extra charge to you!
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Feedback Decorative Creative Writing Rubber Teacher Stamp
What better way to introduce students to the art of creative writing than with this inspired creative writing rubber stamp for teachers? Keep it creative! Opt for a pop of color instead of basic black at no extra charge to you! Looking to make a BIG impression? Standard size is 1.625" but options are available to upgrade your stamp to a larger size!

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