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Fully Customizable Script Name Return Address Stamp

  • Charming address stamp design that highlights a couple and their new home
  • Perfect for wedding invites, Save the Date notices and thank you letters
  • Enter any text in the Name(s) field to display in beautiful script font
  • 2 lines underneath for address display in formal capital letters
  • Available as a self-inking, pre-inked or wood handled stamp
  • Works with a wide variety of ink colors including blue, black, red, green, orange, purple and pink
  • Stamp is assembled and customized in the US and ships next business day
Fully Customizable Script Name Return Address Stamp

About this Item:

Love is in the air, and on your envelopes!

This cute Fully Customizable Script Name Return Address Stamp from Simply Stamps is a great way for a new bride and groom or new homeowners to announce themselves to the world.

This lovely stamp design lets the customer add any names she chooses in a gorgeous script font above 2 lines with her address in all capital letters.

But it isn't just lovebirds who'll love this stamp. Anyone can customize the name and address fields in any way she'd like. Our fully-customizable name and address fields give you the look you like with the flexibilty you'd expect from Simply Stamps, a leader in the stamp industry for nearly 75 years.

Stamp Display Guide

Your stamp will print according to the following rules, so keep that in mind when filling out the form fields:

  • Line 1: Case Sensitive text with White Snowfall script font
  • Line 2: ALL CAPS text with A-750 font
  • Line 3: ALL CAPS text with A-750 font

Available Stamp Bodies

The stamp is available in the following body options:

  • A self-inking version that uses the Trodat Printy 4914 stamp body. This version is best for making rapid, repeat impressions -- think Christmas cards and thank you notes for examples. The large size comes is available in both black and white stamp bodies.
  • A pre-inked version using the Trodat MaxLight 245-Z that is best for delivering high-quality, detailed impressions on glossy surfaces.
  • A traditional wood handle version that works with an external ink pad.

Whichever version you choose, you can expect your stamp to last for thousands of impressions before requiring a replacement pad or to be re-inked. With that said, we encourage users buying the self-inking version to consider adding a 1oz bottle of ink to their order during checkout so they're not left out too dry at an important time.

The stamps are manufactured by our longtime partner and rubber stamp pioneer Trodat. They're customized and shipped from one of our US-based warehouses on the next business day. Overnight shipping options are available as well.

Technical Details

Brand: Simply Stamps
Item Weight: 2.8oz
Is Discontinued by Manufacturer: No
Body Color: Black
Shape: Rectangular
Material Type: Plastic, Rubber, Aluminum
Manufacturer Part Number: 4914
Width: 2.5"
Height: 1"
Stamp Type Available: Self-inking, Pre-inked, and Wood Handle
Shape: Rectangle

Frequently Asked Questions

What shape is the stamp's impression?

How big is the stamp impression?
The stamp leaves a 2.5" wide x 1" tall impression. A larger version with a 2.9" wide x 1" tall impression is available.

What is this stamp best used for?
This stamp is a popular choice among couples who have recently celebrated their wedding and are sending Thank You notes, as well as from couples who have purchased their first home and are sending out notices to their friends and loved ones.

But the Fully Customizable Script Name Return Address Stamp isn't just for couples! It's perfect for anyone who appreciates the style, and because it can be completely customized to suit your needs, it works well for anyone wanting an elegant 3 line address stamp.

Do I need to use two first names?
No, you can enter any text you'd like into that first field and it will display in beautiful script font on your stamp.

Can I use our last name instead of our first names?
Of course, you can have your stamp display however you'd like.

Will the address display in all caps like it does in the photos?
Yes, the address displays in ALL CAPS regardless of your capitalization in the form.

Is the "Name(s)" field case sensitive?
Yes! The first field is case sensitive, meaning that whatever you type, and however you type it, is how it will display. If you enter Bill and Ted into the Name(s) field, it will display as Bill and Ted on your stamp. If you enter DOUGLASS inth the name field, it will display as DOUGLASS on your stamp.

What size works best on envelopes?
For most customers, our standard 2.5" x 1" size is best for Christmas cards, thank you notes and other typical uses for address stamps. With that said, the larger 2.9" x 1.5" size does work well for anyone who likes to make a big impression!

Should I add a bottle of ink to my order?
Under ideal circumstances, our self-inking and pre-inked stamps should work for thousands of impressions before needing to be reinked. With that said, ink pads can dry out, and you never want to be caught needing to use your stamp buy being unable to because the ink has run dry.

Even though our stamps come with ink, we encourage customers to add a bottle of ink to their order during checkout so they're always ready to make an impression.

Can I refill an inkpad?
Yes, it's easy to refill the ink in our self-inking and pre-inked stamps, and we offer multiple ink pad options for use with hand stamps.

Fully Customizable Script Name Return Address Stamp


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Customer Reviews:
Fully Customizable Script Name Return Address Stamp

We ordered this for our wedding invitations and it's perfect. It's simple yet efficient and I see this lasting until we move out of this house in the coming year. Would 100% order again.

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Fully Customizable Script Name Return Address Stamp
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