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GL Acct Ref Entry Stamp

GL Account Ref Stamp lets you label general ledger entries, receipts & work orders to assist while you reconci... View More

Item #:1011230

Design SKU: Accounting_117

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GL Acct Ref Entry Stamp
GL Acct Ref Entry Stamp GL Acct Ref Entry Stamp is a great way to help out your office, especially if there are several people in your accounting department. Find out who entered in the information to be able to keep your team accountable for their entries. Your Accounting department will definitely need to be able to differentiate the mountain of receipts and work orders while they are reconciling their general ledger accounts. Label, identify, reference additional materials and date information for ease of understanding. GL Account Ref Stamp will help you understand where you are in your reconciliation process, so that you never have to lose focus! Don't let your accounting people get overwhelmed by paperwork in your business, get a GL Acct Ref Entry Stamp and support Accounting! This self inking, high frequency and easy to use stamp allows for repetitive actions to seem effortless. Stay on track and in order with this quick and easy stamp. Order now!