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GLUTEN FREE Rubber Stamp

Use this rubber stamp in your restaurant or shop to show your customers that you carry gluten free dining options! L... View More

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Design SKU: COLI_1008
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GLUTEN FREE Rubber Stamp
ver the past few years the term gluten free has been seen everywhere! From grocery store, to celebrity tabloids, the term gluten free is no one you can easily escape. More and more, people are discovering that they possess an allergy to foods containing gluten, and however the extent of this allergy differs from person to person, but no matter the extent the effects of eating a product containing gluten to a person with the allergy can potentially have disastrous consequences. As a result, it has become increasingly popular in the restaurant world to be sure to have a few gluten free options for your customers to purchase. So use this rubber stamp to show your customers that you are aware of the potential health concerns of your customers!