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Love You the Most Craft Stamp

Grandchildren are the best so when you sit down to make their special cards, you can stamp the Grandma stamp right on the outside of the envelope. You always tell them Love You the Most, so remind them for every holiday when sending them their special greetings with this Love You the Most craft stamp. Made of polymer, this design will be placed on a craft stamp wood block. Choose from 4 sizes. Made in the USA and most orders ship within 24 hours! Why buy extra ink? Your craft stamp will last for numerous impressions, much longer than the ink that comes with it. Purchasing extra ink with your stamp will ensure that you will get full value from your stamp for years to come. Order ink with your stamp and don't run out of ink on the day you need it the most! Click here for craft inks!


Design SKU: valentine_112c
Love You the Most Craft Stamp

Do you have a love war going on with your family members by saying Love You the Most back & forth? This is the perfect craft stamp to add to all their cards & letters.

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Craft Wood Block Stamp Die made of Polymer
  • Made in the USA
Love You the Most Craft Stamp