Made With Beef Rubber Stamp

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Use this rubber cow stamp to communicate with your customers which ‘wiches are which and let them know that the ones with this stamp, are 'Made With Beef'! Several sizes available starting at 13/16". Looking to make a BIG impression? Options are available to upgrade your stamp to a larger size! Tired of black? Alternative ink color options are available below!
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Made With Beef Rubber Stamp
When it comes to lunch time in the restaurant business, there is no time for confusion. This rubber cow stamp was designed in mind for deli workers, sandwich makers and anyone else who might need it! Use this stamp to communicate that you sell beef, either by itself or in sandwich form, quickly and efficiently. This stamp will make large orders, to-go orders, and deliveries a breeze for customers! How many times have you opened up a to go back with multiple sandwiches, only having to unwrap each and every one of them to find yours? By using this rubber stamp, all confusion is eliminated! The less time customers have to spend figuring out which food is theirs, the more time they have to enjoy it!

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