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Made With Chicken Rubber Stamp

Chicks will love this! Use this tasteful, silhouetted chicken rubber stamp to quickly communicate which ‘which is which when the lunch rush hits! Looking to make a BIG impression? Options are available to upgrade your stamp to a larger size! Tired of black? Alternative ink color options are available below!

Item #:1010337

Design SKU: COLI_1006

Made With Chicken Rubber Stamp

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Made With Chicken Rubber Stamp
Use this rubber chicken stamp to signify to your customers what kinds of meats your shop offers. This stamp would make the perfect addition to a sandwich shop stamp collection! Feel free to pre-make your sandwiches for your customers and use this rubber stamp to keep track of the different sandwich types! This little stamp will come in handy for not just you- but for your customers! By using this stamp, they'll be able to tell if the sandwich they are holding is theirs or their friends without opening it! This is also a great way to organize deliveries or to-go orders. Less confusion, equals more happy customers!