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No Germs Teacher Stamp

No germs allowed!

Help keep germs at bay in the classroom by providing students with this helpful “No Germs” hand washing reminder. Place a stamp on each student’s hand to remind them to continue to wash their hands and fight against germs throughout the school day.

*Our water-soluble stamp ink will wash off with mild soap and water. Be sure to keep in mind any skin allergies that children may hand before stamping on skin


Design SKU: CH2_4910
No Germs Teacher Stamp

Help your students kick germs to the curb!

This fun No Germs stamp is an easy way to keep germs out of your classroom. Our clean classroom stamps can be used as regular rubber stamps or they can be used as a helpful hand washing reminder. Simply stamp each student’s hands when they enter the classroom in the morning and encourage them to scrub the stamp away throughout the day by thoroughly washing their hands.

  • Self-inking stamp with water-soluble black ink*
  • Optional extra bottle of black ink available as an add-on

*This stamp ink is water-soluble and will wash off with a mild soap and water. Please be aware of any skin allergies that children may have before stamping on skin.

No Germs Teacher Stamp