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Pouncing Cat Return Address Stamp

Show off your love of cats with pride with this custom address stamp inspired by these whisker licking creatures! Standard size is 0.875" x 2.375". Looking to make a BIG impression? Options are available to upgrade your stamp to a larger size! Tired of black? Alternative ink color options are available below!

Item #:1010351

Design SKU: ANCA_1004

Pouncing Cat Return Address Stamp

Maximum number of characters: 10

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Pouncing Cat Return Address Stamp
Pouncing Cat Return Address Stamp Details Let your feline freak flag fly with this cat-inspired custom address stamp! Don’t be afraid to show off your love of cats! For thousands of years multiple civilizations and cultures have worshipped these streamlined felines. The ancient Egyptians even went so far as to mummify them and place them in tombs with their owners. So don’t worry about coming off as a crazy cat person- you’re not alone! Don't wait! Pounce on this deal today!