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Star Of David Embosser

Perfect for temples to mark letters and documents, our Star Of David Embosser leaves beautiful, personalized impressions for you and your community to enjoy.

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Design SKU: david-star-embosser
Star Of David Embosser

Our Star Of David Embosser is perfect for leaving memorable impressions on your or your temple's documents and stationery. Featuring the Star of David in a durable Delrin plastic embossing plate, our embosser easily adds high-quality impressions to any standard paper product.

  • For use on 20 lb. paper or stationery only
  • Embosser leaves colorless, raised impressions
  • Embossing plates made of high-quality Delrin plastic
  • Select the embossing angle for your needs and comfort
  • Plate available in two sizes
  • Features the Star of David
  • Available in a variety of pocket and desk styles
  • Optional inker available for scanning your impression
  • Silver and gold foil stickers available for added professionalism

What Edge to Emboss From?

The angle of your pink artwork embosser is fixed one selected, so choosing the correct edge to emboss from for you is important. For example, if you need to emboss your letterhead at the top-right corner, then you should select either the top or right depending on the angle you need. Embossing from the bottom is most common.

Star Of David Embosser