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Wow Dog Meme Stamp

Whether your intention is to give congratulatory or judgmental "wow's, this dog does an excellent job of subtlety delivering the message to apply to a multitude of situations.

  • Stock design reaction meme stamp perfect for sharing with friends, peer reviewing, grading and more.
  • Approximate size is 1.5," but you can upsize for a larger impression!
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in 8 ink colors- express yourself!
  • Consistently clean and crisp impressions


Design SKU: meme_121
Wow Dog Meme Stamp

Sometimes, we need more than words to express how we feel. With this "wow" dog stamp, you can "impress" how you feel on anything from assignments, to documents, letters and more. A crowd favorite, this pup is sure to bring a smile to people's faces, no matter where you put him! Order now; most products ship next business day.

Wow Dog Meme Stamp


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Customer Reviews:
Wow Dog Meme Stamp
Students love it.

I got it for papers. My students have been asking for meme-themed stamps. I’ve been trying to step my game up and this one has been a huge hit. It looks good too and seems easy to re-ink.

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Wow Dog Meme Stamp
   1   Review(s)