The 5 Things Every Bibliophile Should Own

Book Lovers Day is a special day for all bookworms and bibliophiles to celebrate their love for literature. From classic novels to new best sellers, there are all kinds of genres and stories to enjoy.

This year’s Book Lovers Day is on August 9th. Whether you love to get lost in novels for hours or you enjoy casually perusing your favorite stories, Book Lovers Day is the perfect time to sit back, relax and read.

In celebration of Book Lovers Day 2020, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 things every book lover needs in their life. Use this guide to find gift inspiration for your bookworm friends and family, or, if you’re a self-proclaimed bibliophile, use this list as a guide to all of the must-have book lover items you need to try!

Personalized Book Stamps

Most avid readers have built up an extensive library of books. Personalized book stamps are a must-have for keeping track of all the literary classics in your personal collection.

Find a book stamp that matches your style and start stamping! Whether you’re lending your books out to friends or just trying to make your mark in all of your favorite masterpieces, personalized book stamps are an easy way to leave a lasting impression in all of your books.

At Simply Stamps, most of our custom book stamps are available as self-inking, pre-inked or wood handle stamps.

  • If you’ve got a large library and you’re looking for a quick, repetitive stamping experience self-inking stamps are a great option.
  • If you’re a fan of traditional stamping and you’d like a classic stamp appearance for your library, a wood handle stamp is an excellent option for you.
  • If you’d like to leave detailed stamp impressions in each of your books, pre-inked stamps are great for providing crisp and intricate results every time.

Learn more about the differences between our stamp types and which stamp type is right for you in our guide to choosing the right stamp.

Custom Bookmarks

Bookmarks are an essential for all book lovers. Take marking your page to the next level by customizing all of your bookmarks!

Adding an address stamp to your bookmarks is a great way to add personalization to all of your page markers. Plus, including your address makes it easy for your lost books to be safely returned!

Create your own DIY bookmarks with craft paper, or simply add an address stamp impression to the bookmarks that you already have. You can customize each of your address bookmarks with your favorite literary quotes, images or colors to make marking your page special!

Read our guide on how to make your own DIY bookmark for more inspiration!

Literature-Inspired Accessories

Show off your love for books! Here are a couple of literature-inspired accessories that are perfect for every bookworm:

  • Book buttons: Decorate everything from your bags to your jackets with pins and buttons with designs inspired by your favorite book characters, quotes, or your love for reading.
  • Literature Art: Decorate the walls of your office, living room or bedroom with art showcasing book covers or illustrations depicting your favorite novels.
  • Quote Pillows: Decorate your couch, office chair or your favorite comfy reading nook with pillows that feature quotes from your favorite books.

You can incorporate accessories inspired by your favorite characters and books into all different aspects of your life to show off your love for reading and literature wherever you go!

A Custom Book Embosser

Embossers leave a crisp seal and are great for elevating the appearance of any bibliophile’s personal library. Here are a couple of ways you can use custom embossers to enhance your books:

  • Library Seals: Mark all of the books in your library with a custom library seal! Simply Stamps has a selection of library seals that make marking all of the books in your personal library easy. Place a personalized seal in all of your books to let everyone know that this book is from your collection!
  • Embossing Foils: If you’d like to add an elegant touch to your favorite books, you can use gold or silver embossing foils! These classic foils are great for adding something extra to your embosser impressions and they make an excellent addition to any classic novels or special edition books you have in your library.

You can customize any of the library seals at Simply Stamps by adding your name or monogram, or you can upload your own design and create a custom embosser to add one-of-a-kind impressions to all of your books!

The Tools of the Trade

Every book lover should have the tools to write their own book! Here are a couple of items every bibliophile should keep around for when the inspiration to create their own novel strikes:

  • The Basics: Every author has a selection of pens, pencils and notebooks for jotting down new story ideas. Keep your writing tools handy with you wherever you go so that you can keep track of all your novel ideas.
  • A Custom Signature Stamp: Once your future novel becomes a bestseller you’ll need a signature stamp to make signing autographed book copies quick and easy! (If you don’t plan on writing your own book, signature stamps can also be used to make your mark on the books in your collection or to sign library check out cards!)

This August 9th, embrace Book Lovers Day and take some time to celebrate your love for your library! Whether you’re a book lover yourself or you’re looking for the perfect gift for your bibliophile friends and family, these five things are essential for stepping up any book collection.

Show us how you’re using rubber stamps and embossers to enhance your library by posting pictures and tagging us @SimplyStamps. Don’t forget to follow us for the latest stamp and embosser ideas and inspiration!

Happy Book Lovers Day from Simply Stamps!

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