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Back to School Prep with Teacher Stamps

Back to School Prep with Teacher Stamps
By Kyndall Oakley January 2, 2023

At Simply Stamps we have custom rubber stamps for every profession, from small business owners to notaries to teachers.

Our Custom Grade Apple Classroom Stamp is perfect for the upcoming school year and will make preparing the classroom much easier for students and teachers!

Ready to get started prepping for the Back to School season? Here’s our all-in-one guide to classroom prep with rubber stamps:

Creating Your Custom Classroom Book Stamp

custom library book stamp

Make your own custom book stamp to adorn every piece of your school library in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose your stamp design. Simply Stamps has a wide selection of custom book stamps to match your classroom theme.
  2. Add your custom text like grade level and name in the corresponding fields.
  3. Choose your ink color. At Simply Stamps we have a variety of vibrant ink color options to match your grading style.
  4. Finalize and place your order. Once we receive your custom stamp order, we’ll start personalizing it and ship it out ASAP.

Guide to Using Your Rubber Stamp

personalized book stamp for school

Once you receive your custom order, you’re ready to start stamping! Follow these step-by-step instructions to get started:

  1. Test out your custom stamp on a piece of scrap paper by firmly pressing down on the top of the stamp body.
  2. Next, open the book you would like to stamp to the desired page. The most common placement for book stamps are on the inside front or back cover, or the first page.
  3. Allow your stamp impression ample time to dry before closing the book to avoid smudging or ink transfers.

Once the impression is completely dry, your customized book is classroom ready!

Custom School Stamps at Simply

custom classroom book stamp

At Simply Stamps, we have tons of teacher stamps to help make everything from organizing your classroom to grading easy. Choose from our curated collection of teacher-approved designs to find the right fit for your classroom!

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