Stamp Idea of the Week: Grading & Feedback

At Simply Stamps, we create rubber stamps for everyone from crafters to small business owners to teachers and educators everywhere.

To showcase some of our favorite rubber stamp DIYs and uses, we pick one stamp to feature every two weeks with our Stamp Idea of the Week series!

This week’s creative stamp idea is in honor of National Proofreading Day on March 8th: Teacher Grading & Feedback!

To help you get started with stamping your students’ work and provide valuable feedback on assignments, our Custom Please Sign and Return Teacher Stamp is available with a special discount for a limited time!

personalized teacher stamp of the week
Click here to customize this personalized teacher stamp with 30% off for a limited time!

Want to learn more? Here’s our all-in-one guide on this week’s Stamp of the Week to help you get started:

Sign & Return Stamp Details

please sign and return custom stamp
The Custom “Please Sign and Return” Teacher Stamp:

  • is a self-inking stamp with ink conveniently located inside of the stamp body
  • creates customized impressions that measure approximately 0.77” x 2.27”
  • is available with multiple ink color options to match your grading style

Self-Inking Stamp Instructions

personalized sign and return teacher stamp
This week’s featured stamp is an easy-to-use self-inking stamp! After you’ve ordered and received your customized stamp, follow this guide to start stamping:

  1. Make sure you’ve got a solid surface to stamp on! For the best results, set up your workstation on a desk or countertop.
  2. Ensure that your self-inking stamp is unlocked. If your stamp is in a locked position, unlock it by moving the flat switch on the back of the stamp body.
  3. Place your stamp where you would like to make an impression and firmly press down on the top.
  4. Lift the stamp body away from your paper. Allow your impression ample time to dry before stacking or folding papers!

Why Custom Stamps are Classroom Essentials

custom self-inking teacher stamp
Personalized stamps make daily classroom tasks easier and more efficient. From grading stacks of papers to motivating students, there are tons of ways that custom stamps can be used in the classroom.

For busy educators, personalized stamps can be a valuable addition to your classroom toolkit. Stamping student work can cut back on grading time while adding a fun, personalized touch to student assignments!

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The Custom Please Sign and Return Teacher Stamp is Stamp of the Week with special pricing from 3/7/22 to 3/20/22. Check back regularly for new DIY ideas and inspiration with our latest Stamp of the Week!

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