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Blue Medium Ink Pad

Need ink? Our Stamp Ink Pad Size #2 is just what the stamp doctor prescribed! Even if you run out of ink, it does not suggest that it's time to throw it out! Sometimes all a stamp needs is just a slight bit of ink! A little goes a long way and before you know it, your stamp will be back to leaving clear impressions in a matter of minutes. When purchasing a brand new ink pad, it is essential to keep in mind to make certain that the ink pad supports your specific stamp type!


Blue Medium Ink Pad
Old ink pad drying out? Don’t worry about it - we're here to help! This Medium sized ink Replacement Pad can help you finish any project or to-do list in half the time! Eventually, the time comes where every ink pad will need to be replaced, when that comes, know that we're here for you! Keep in mind that this pad is designed to be used with traditional wooden stamps only! Available in an assortment of ink colors, this ink pad is just what you need. Buy yours now! The #2 size ink pad is approximately 3" x 6 1/4".
Blue Medium Ink Pad


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Blue Medium Ink Pad
Stamp pad

Pad works as advertised. Thank you

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Blue Medium Ink Pad
   1   Review(s)