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Bold Clothing Stamp

Bold Clothing Stamp
Bold Clothing Stamp with Body
Bold Clothing Stamp with Shirt

Personalized with your name, so your clothes are marked with their rightful owner.

  • Add one line of custom text for your name
  • Size of text depends on length of the name
  • Stamp size is always .56tall x 1.5"
  • Black ink only
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Item #:1025368

Design SKU: ClothingStamp_Bold

Bold Clothing Stamp

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Bold Clothing Stamp

Make a statement with our customizable Bold Clothing Stamp! This specially formulated clothing stamp is perfect for adding the name of the owner right onto their garments.

  • Self-inking stamp
  • Pre-inked pad ready to go
  • Pad can be re-inked
  • Stamp impression is .56tall x 1.5"
  • One line of customized text

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