Ultimark Stamps

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Set Descending Direction

Ultimark - Custom Pre-Inked Stamps

Customize an Ultimark pre-inked stamp! We carry all common models of Ultimark stamps with many sizes, assorted colors, and font options to choose from. The term Pre-inked means that there is no actual stamp pad because it's already within the stamp! To refill, just add more ink to the Ultimark stamp itself, and you’re ready to go!

Each Ultimark pre-inked stamp has thousands of impressions of ink integrated into the text plate, making a separate ink cartridge completely unnecessary. Re-inking this stamper is very easy and keeping it clean and performing beautifully is a very easy task.

For all other Ultimark stamps not listed, feel free to make a special request. Top quality results are guaranteed on all of our Ultimark stamps. Looking for a stamp design rather than a stamp machine? Browse our long list of return address stamps to find something you like!