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Maxlight Pre-Inked Round Stamps

Item #:1012383

Design Your Own Maxlight Pre-Inked Round Stamps

Create a unique professional looking product with ease:

  • Follow a short guided design process
  • Add your personal information to make your product unique to you
  • Review a full virtual proof to make sure your product looks perfect
  • Boom, your unique design is ready to be made!

* Choose your quantity after creating your design.

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Customized in the USA

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Maxlight Pre-Inked stamps feature ink built into the machine in liquid form, making for a high-definition impression best used on logo stamps or art with fine detail.



Maxlight Pre-Inked Round Stamps
Maxlight Pre-Inked Round Stamps provide a cleaner, crisper impression than Traditional or Self-Inking stamps. Maxlight stamps can be re-inked easily but won't need it until you've used it for thousands of impressions. As the ink used in the Maxlight machines is unique please do not substitute re-inking fluid. Always use Maxlight brand re-inking fluid.