Michigan Notary Round Seal Stamp

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Every notarial act should have the notary public's signature, the notary public shall print, type or stamp suffici... View More


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Michigan Notary Round Seal Stamp

Required elements of a compliant Notary Public Seal: (Mich. Comp. Laws § 55.287)

  1. Name of Notary Public
  2. "Notary public, State of Michigan, County of __________.".
  3. "My commission expires __________.".
  4. If outside of the county of commission, the statement: "Acting in the County of __________.".
  5. The date the notarial act was performed

Any type of impression is permitted by the State of Michigan as compliant as long as it is photographically reproducible. So we offer the official Michigan Notary Public Seal as traditional wood handle, self-inking or pre-inked stamp. We offer as pocket or desk embosser, & highly recommend buying an Seal Impression Inker to make your embossed impression legible & fully compliant. 

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