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Nova Scotia Notary Embosser Seal

Stay up-to-date with current Nova Scotia notary public requirements with our personalized Nova Scotia Notary Embosser. Perfect for new and experienced notaries alike to add to their supplies!


  • One Nova Scotia notary embosser
  • Optional embosser add-ons

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Nova Scotia Notary Embosser Seal

Guarantee your compliance with notary public laws and guidelines with our Nova Scotia Notary Embosser Seal. Here at Simply Stamps, we ensure our notary seals follow all Nova Scotia provincial regulations, so you can rest easy knowing your seal will be compliant with all relevant laws. Perfect for new or experienced notaries, this notary seal is perfect for anyone working in Nova Scotia.

  • Follows all Nova Scotia notary public laws and requirements
  • Personalized with your name
  • Round Nova Scotia notary seal available in embosser format
  • Embossing seal comes in your choice of two sizes
  • Embosser available in pocket or desk style
  • Select your embossing angle for your comfort
  • Optional foil stickers and inker available
Nova Scotia Notary Embosser Seal