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Red Extra-Small Ink Pad

Need to make an impression but run out of ink? This small replacement ink pad is here to save the day! It's really only a matter of time before every ink pad needs replacing, and when that time comes, we're here for you! Designed for use with traditional wooden hand stamps only! Available in a collection of colors, this ink pad will keep your impressions crisp and clear! Order yours today! The #0 size ink pad is approximately 1 3/4" x 2 3/4".


Red Extra-Small Ink Pad
Stamp look a little rough? Our Ideal Stamp Pad Size #0 is just what the stamp doctor prescribed! Just because you run out of ink, it doesn’t suggest that it's time to toss it out! Often times all a stamp needs is just a bit of ink! A little goes a long way and before you know it, your stamp will be back to leaving clear impressions in a matter of minutes. When picking out a brand new ink pad, it is crucial to bear in mind to make certain that the ink pad supports your specified stamp type!
Red Extra-Small Ink Pad


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Red Extra-Small Ink Pad
Red ink pad .. nice

Red ink pad .. perfect for Christmas stamps.

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Red Extra-Small Ink Pad
   1   Review(s)